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Our pigs are crossed between Berkshire, Hampshire and Duroc breeds. They are fed alfalfa mixed grass hay and a ground mix of wheat, oats, corn and mineral. We do not use any hormones on any of our livestock.
    Berkshire pigs are thought to have originated out of Berkshire county, England. Their qualities include fast, efficient growth, reproductive efficiency, cleanness and meatiness. They are medium in size and smooth. Berkshire’s are longer in proportion to depth than others. Their ears remain erect and they have short noses. They are black with white feet, nose and tail.
    Hampshire pigs also originated around England. They are large in size and prolific. Hampshire’s are known for their hardiness, vigor, their forging ability and outstanding carcass qualities. They are black with a white belt encircling the front of their body encompassing their front legs and feet.
    The Duroc breed originated in the United States. They vary in color from light golden brown, almost yellow to a very dark red - similar to mahogany. They are medium in length and have a slight dish of face and droopy ears.
    The reasons why we chose these breeds are because the Berkshire is known to have a higher percentage of meat to their body than most other breeds and the Hampshire and Duroc’s meat is leaner. So, together they create a high quantity of leaner meat.