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    We breed Heritage Hereford cattle. This breed originated from Herefordshire, England. They were bred to have a high yield of beef and efficiency of production. Hereford’s are hardy, adaptable, early maturing and have excellent mothering qualities. This is why we chose this breed. They are very docile and easy to manage and convert grass products efficiently and economically. This breed produces more meat per acre of grassland than any other breed available.
    They are characterized by their white faces and markings and their deep reddish coat.  We started our herd with two horned females with newborn calves at their sides. There was one bull and one heifer calf. Our Hereford’s are grass-fed on a rotating pasture with baled alfalfa hay in winter.
    Besides our Heritage Hereford’s we also have many  cross-bred steers to supplement our grass-fed beef. These cattle are also fed grass and baled alfalfa hay in winter.
    All of our cattle are treated with great respect and affection.