About Us

Fairfield Farm is a family-owned, sustainable farm which raises livestock, grows field crops, produce and small grains. All meat and food products are produced by Larry Reiling and Josh Hennessee. All of our livestock is naturally and humanely raised, and is treated with great affection.

Our cattle are grass and pasture-fed, and receive no hormones or antibiotics - often being called "beyond organic." Our calves are born in late spring on the open range. They are raised by their mothers on chemical-free milk and grass. All cattle have access to water from a spring-fed stream or fresh water well. Our cattle spend their lives on the range, eating lots of grass, having a cool drink and lay in the shade to think about things. The care and attention that is paid to the cattle results in a lean, clean, tender and reasonably priced meat.

Our pigs are treated with the same respect as we treat our cattle. We feed them alfalfa mixed grass hay and a ground mix of wheat, oats, a little corn and mineral.

All of the feed for our livestock is grown on the farm. We truly do know what they eat. Since the animals are allowed to be outdoors and move around freely, the meat produced is a better quality, better tasting meat. Something you can't get from animals that come from confinement farms. The meat that we produce has a rich flavor that melts in your mouth.

We produce crops in a similar manner - naturally. We strive to produce using sustainable practices. Some of our field crops include: field corn, pop corn, soybeans, edible beans, and small grains such as wheat, rye, flax, and oats. Potatoes, onions and carrots are the roots crops that we produce. We also grow a substantial amount of garden produce for our family for fresh, frozen or canned foods all year round.